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 What's up?

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PostSubject: What's up?    Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:26 pm

What's up everyone? I'm Adam and found this forum by stumbling across it. It seemed fun to do something like this so, yeah here I am.

I, Adam, swear to uphold all the rules of the guild or risk the consequences.

My Mage:

Name & Nickname if any: Adam

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: He's 5ft 9in. Has dirty blond hair that falls onto his brown eyes. His guild mark is on his right arm near his elbow.

Personality: He's fun to hang around and easy-going. Loves to make new friends. He hates people who look down on others and respects those who look out for each other.


Weapons/Equipments (Optional): None besides his fists. Cool

Magic: Earth Make Magic

Magic Limitations: The larger his constructs the more magic it uses. When creating larger constructs his speed is decreased. Also, he is strongest on the earth and weak when he is facing an air mage.

Strengths: Is good at making new friends and good in front of an audience.

Weaknesses: Being in the air. It frightens him to a high extent.

Other: He's in Fairy Tail lol!. Isn't everyone on this Forum?
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What's up?
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