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PostSubject: Introductions   Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:58 pm

In an introduction, just write things about yourself. Introduce yourself to the guild members and start your life here on Fairy Tail with a blast. During your introduction, I would like those who joined to include their OC/ character to be approved of. The format will be included below. Remember to read the rules and afterwards end your intro with the quote below as well.

I, _(Insert Name)_ , swear to uphold all the rules of the guild or risk the consequences.

Mage OC Format:

Name & Nickname if any:



Appearance:  For appearance, try to aim above three lines: include clothing, hair style, accessories, eyes, body shape

Personality: Try to aim above three lines you can include likes/dislikes.

History: Key events which led them to being how they are now; what made them who they are essentially. Include any defining moments that shaped them with their personality.

Weapons/Equipments (Optional):

Magic: Note how it works, what it can do, its capacity, what level can it reached? How far can the person go with the magic?

Magic Limitations: Be sure to add flaws within the magic itself, opposing elemental forces/or forces that can slash with the magic.

Strengths: Doesn't apply to magical use, refers to the whole character and their greatest strengths.

Weaknesses: Doesn't apply to magical use, refers to the whole character and their greatest weaknesses.

Other: Anything else you want to add? Add it here.

Sorry for all the work but now, you could RP once your OC has been accepted.
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