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 Forum Rules (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules (MUST READ)   Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:45 pm

Rules of the forum. Follow them or die. Simple enough right? They should be.

Registration Rules for the forum:

1. One of the most important rules on this forum. Do not role play with your character, before said character as been accepted by me or my mod. Post made with said unaccepted character will be deleted. And you will be forced to submit a new character, as punishment.

2. Fully describe the characters that you submit. We want to know how they look, how they act, how their life was, and how powerful are they. It is your job to paint a clear picture to us, of said things. Do it to the best of your ability.

3. Avoid creating a stereotypical character or a character that fits into a certain archetype. Like your standard fantasy hero, damsel in distress, wise mentor, etc. It's rather uncreative and has been done to death. Try to make your character 'unique'.

4. Please do not overpower your character. It's annoying and it takes the fun out of the Roleplay.

5. Respect your fellow roleplayers, and the mods no matter what thread you are in.

6. No thread spamming. Spamming is defined as the rapid posting of the same line over and over again. It's extremely annoying. If you forgot to mention something, edit it in. The limit is a double post.

7. Sexually explicit posts, also known as lime, lemons, perhaps by the name of another citrus fruit are allowed surprisingly. However you will not go overboard, and have your characters mating like rabbits at every interval. This roleplay will not become smut. An overabundance of these posts, may force me to impose a ban on these posts.

8. Make romances between your character and another character realistic. Don't just have them instantly fall in love and have them start screwing each other within the next few hours. Have them develop actual feelings and let the relationship progress.

9. If a roleplayer is absent for more than a few days, and they're holding up the roleplay or the arc. Their character will be removed in one way or another from the roleplay, so that it may move on. If a roleplayer has been gone for an extended period of time without notice, they shall be assumed M.I.A and character will be deleted.

10. The moderators are second in command here remember, the admin here is the leader

11. Post only appropriate topics in the chat topics and post only in the correct place (Ex: Chatting is only for the chat & Role-playing stays within the role-playing thread.)

12. Do not post anything until you created an introduction for this forum.

13. If you see anyone abuse this forum it must be reported to the moderators or admin

14. Join only if you're willing to accept all the rules above

15. If anyone fails to uphold these rules they will be banned from the forum
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Forum Rules (MUST READ)
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